THe Facility


The Facility

The Progresh facility has a multitude of Action Sport features designed for all ages and ability levels.

Indoor Action Sports Airbag

Our main feature is our airbag! Progresh introduces the first indoor action sports airbag in the country.

Our custom airbag with "Impact Protection" was designed by BAGJUMPTM the world’s leading manufacturer of impact absorbing inflatables. Bagjump products are the safest in the world, with millions of jumpers across Europe, Asia and Australia. The feeling of "landing on a cloud" can be experienced year round with skis, snowboards, bikes, skateboards or by free-dropping (jumping into the airbag). Training with an airbag helps athletes gain confidence, which results in accelerated progression, and less risk of injury.

Our specialized action sport airbag is much easier to get out of then foam pit blocks, which means more energy for your tricks! Bagjump’s patented materials are also a safer, cleaner and more versatile alternative to foam.

Progresh Features

Skiers and Snowboarders:

  • Synthetic snow jump into an airbag with multiple drop-in platforms
  • Rail and Jib Park  with various interchangeable rails and features
  • 10’ Cliff Drop into an airbag with various interchangeable rails and features
  • Learning slope with foam padded synthetic snow surface
  • Custom airbag with Impact Protection made by Bagjump


  • Mega ramp into BagjumpTM airbag with adjustable drop-in platform
  • 8' Drop into an airbag for practicing those stair drops
  • Vert wall and 4'mini-half
  • Street course with ledges, rails, banks and quarter pipes

Training and Conditioning

  • Olympic grade trampolines with U.S. string beds and jumbo springs
  • 15'x43' spring floor with palmer springs
  • Various tumbling aids and landing mats
  • Stall bars and isometric training equipment
  • Balance and Trampoline boards
  • Tumbling harness system with twisting belts for the ultimate in trampoline training


  • Comfortable viewing areas with Wi-Fi and USB charging stations
  • Rec/Camp room with games and activities
  • Computer lab for digital media editing and production  
  • Outdoor patio with views of Downtown Denver and the Colorado Rockies
  • Quality health conscious meals and snacks
  • Apparel and equipment for purchase
  • Progresh museum and art gallery celebrating the equipment, art, music and culture of action sports.